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Analysis of safety light curtain safety technology for stamping machine tools

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Industry technology
Analysis of safety light curtain safety technology for stamping machine tools
Times:12/28/2018    Hits:279
Most of today's machine manufacturers need a safety light curtain. This is because the safety light curtain can protect the operation of the machine and protect the safety of the employees of the enterprise / the interests of the enterprise itself.
Most of today's machine manufacturers need a safety light curtain. This is because the safety light curtain can protect the operation of the machine and protect the safety of the employees of the enterprise / the interests of the enterprise itself.
A: The risk factors of mechanical stamping. According to the analysis of the dangers in machine tool operations, there are mainly the following aspects:
1. Danger of equipment structure A considerable part of the stamping equipment uses a rigid clutch. The cam mechanism is used to engage or disengage the clutch. Once the engagement operation has to complete one cycle, it will stop. In this case, if the hand cannot be pulled out of the mold in time, the accident of hand injury will inevitably occur.
2. The action is out of control. The equipment is also in operation. It will be subjected to frequent strong shocks & vibrations, causing some parts to deform and wear and break, resulting in uncontrolled operation or dangerous accidents or accidents.
3. The switch control system of the switch failure device is malfunction caused by human or external factors.
4, the dangerous mold of the mold is responsible for the main function of the workpiece processing is the concentrated release of the entire system energy. Because the mold design is unreasonable and defective, it does not take into account the safety of the operator during use. In operation, the hand must be directly or periodically extended into the mold to complete. The operation increases the possibility of injury. Defective molds may cause accidents under normal operating conditions due to wear and tear or damage. This situation requires a safe light curtain.
Two: the cause of the stamping accident
Stamping accidents may occur. In the various dangerous parts of the stamping equipment, but the majority of the process occurs in the mold line, and the injury part is mainly the operator's hand, that is, when the operator's hand is in the mold stroke. When the module falls, it will cause an accident. This is an accident caused by the device and the behavior of the person.
The method of stamping mechanical equipment in the stamping operation has a great impact on safety. The three unsafe factors are analyzed and evaluated separately.
1. The impact of stamping machinery on safety. Stamping machinery includes: shearing machines, crank presses and hydraulic presses. This paper focuses on the safety of the crank machine. The crank press is a machine that converts the rotation into a linear reciprocating motion. The working principle of the press: it drives the crankshaft to rotate by the motor through the pulley and the gear. The axis of the shaft and the crankshaft of the crankshaft are moved. An eccentricity is moved so that the slider can be driven by the connecting rod (the part connecting the crank and the slider). Reciprocating up and down. The composition of the press: consists of working mechanism, transmission system, control system, energy system, support system and various auxiliary systems.
2. The force system of the press: the deformation resistance of the stamping part is transmitted to the fuselage of the equipment to form a closed. The force system is operated when the press is running. The weight of the stamping machine exerts pressure on the foundation, and no other pressure acts (regardless of The imbalance caused by the imbalance of the transmission system to the vibration of the foundation). Press motion analysis: The slider moving speed of the crank slider mechanism changes with the position of the crank angle, and its acceleration also changes with the period. For the node-positioned slider mechanism, when the crank is at the top dead center (a=0°) and the bottom dead center (a=180°), the slider moves at zero speed, and the acceleration is maximum when a=90°. When a=270°, the maximum acceleration of the speed is the smallest.
3. Hazard identification in stamping operations. Stamping operations are more dangerous. The characteristics of sexual and accidental multiples and the damage caused by accidents are generally more serious. At present, safety techniques for preventing stamping injury accidents are carried out in various forms. However, in terms of single-machine manual operation, it is impossible to confirm that any kind of prevention measures are absolutely safe to reduce or avoid accidents, and the operator must have a certain Technical level and ability to identify various hazards in the job.
Three: Qily provides safety technical measures for safe light curtain stamping operations
The safety technical measures for stamping are very wide. It includes improved punching, operation mode, reforming die structure, and now mechanized automation to set up molds and equipment. Practice has proved that the use of complex and multi-station continuous die instead of single-process dangerous mold or set on the mold. Mechanical input and discharge mechanism, to achieve mechanical and mechanical automation can achieve high product quality and production efficiency, reduce labor Strength. Convenient operation to ensure safety. This is the development direction of stamping technology and the fundamental way to achieve stamping safety protection.
Set safety and protection devices on the equipment and molds, or use manual tools that are easy to use and flexible. It is also an effective measure for large-area safety protection of stamping operations due to the current conditions. The material discharge cleaning waste lubrication adjustment mold and other operations, so the scope of protection of the stamping operation is also very wide to achieve different procedures to prevent. It is more difficult.
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